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Audience: Although specifically written for pastors and Bible teachers who may have little or no formal training, this unique manual can be used as a self-paced textbook by any believer desiring to acquire the skills needed to correctly understand Scripture for themselves.

This manual gives the Bible students the principles, steps, tools and skills to understand the Bible for themselves. This manual is a study within a study. A student learns the Inductive (Discovery) method of Bible study while studying 2 Timothy.  The authors wrote it for the non-western church. The methods and tools were chosen with believers in mind that probably only have a Bible.

  • Introduction View PDF File
  • Effective Bible Study
  • Observation: Seeing the Whole View PDF File
  • Observation: Seeing the Parts
  • Observation: Seeing the Details
  • Interpretation: Defined
  • Interpretation: Types of Biblical Writing – Part 1
  • Interpretation: Types of Biblical Writing – Part 2
  • Interpretation: Compare, Define, Consult
  • Interpretation: Avoiding Error
  • Application: Defined
  • Application: Identify Who, Why, What, When, Where
  • Application: Reflect
  • Application: Respond