Great care was given to every aspect of the EGI manuals. Although often dealing with multifaceted concepts of Christianity, they are written in basic, concise language for ease of translation. EGI is making every effort to translate and make these manuals available in as many places and languages as possible

TRANSLATIONS: All Seven (7) of the manuals are available in Spanish. Five (5)  Facilitators Guide, Basic Beliefs, Genesis, Missions and Church Planting, and Bible Study Skills are available in Russian. Basic Beliefs is available in Kiswahili, and French.  Missions and Church Planting is available in Tagalog (Philippino ).

The EGI format makes these manuals ideal for every conceivable setting – from one-on-one discipling to formal Bible school and everything between. Another benefit of this writing style is how it can be used effectively with students having minimal language skills.

Their physical construction is no accident either. The ring binding allows pages to sit open for easy teaching or study. Their compact size makes them easy to carry – and easy to conceal in hostile environments.

The EGI manuals were conceived and created with input of church-planting missionary veterans who know the great need for such materials and desperately want the tools to meet it precisely. Now their dream is becoming a reality.