“These are the tools prepared for the great ‘last days harvest’.”

Doyle Pennington
Director of Men’s Department
Baptist World Alliance

“This is the ‘missing link’ between Bible School and the mission field.”

Milford Grisham
Missionary to Argentina for 35 years

EGI Training Seminars

“This is by far the best seminar we have ever had. It’s in our language, simple and easy to understand . Now we have the tools, so no more excuses. If we don’t grow it’s simple because we don’t want to.” “We have been competing to make more members. No one ever showed us that Jesus wants us to make disciples. I’m guilty of just making members, no disciples.”

Pastors attending EGI training in Nicaragua

“Most of the training we met was self-encouragement, looking to God’s promises, which is good also. But EGI teaches growth, discipleship and guiding us how to make disciples of Christ, along with proper usage of the Bible. Training we can pass on to those under our authority.”

Philippino Pastor

Bible Study Skills

“Bible Study Skills addressed my concerns for two new believers returning to China. I have never seen such a thorough yet simple work on how to approach Bible study systematically. This manual gives the believer tools that enable them to discover the depth and breadth of Scripture for themselves. I received an excellent advanced theological education with an emphasis on missions. Yet for all the training, true Godliness still comes only from knowing and growing with God through the Scriptures. In essence, a long, formal education enables people to become good tool makers, but not necessarily good tool users. This book takes the best of the tools and shows believers how to apply the Bible to their daily lives. For me, a big concern was discernment, particularly because of false teachers and false doctrine on the move around the world. This book addresses these matters. Everything that I wished I had time to teach these new believers but could not, is covered. The language in Bible Study Skills is clear and the terms are defined. Basically, it is the equivalent of two years of Bible training and discipleship in one easy-to-carry manual. It is an amazing work.”

Mark Eichenberger

“Bible Study Skills is as thorough as a seminary text, yet so basic that the most unsophisticated disciple can become skillful in the Word. What a tool!”

Melva Lea,  Melva Lea Ministries

“This manual can help any believer discover the wealth inside the world’s most important book, the Bible. All the essential tools of interpreting and applying Biblical truths are laid out step-by-step, in a very balanced, objective way. If you could have only one EGI manual besides the Bible – Bible Study Skills it is!

Rev. Joseph M. Hughes Founder,
Equippers Group International

Basic Beliefs of Christianity

Basic Beliefs of Christianity

Pastor I.S Ndiwa from Nairobi, Kenya

As a Christian educator, developer of curriculum and pastor, I find this manual to be one of the best training aids I have seen. It is easy to use and comprehensive relating to the basic truths of the Christian faith. I believe it will be invaluable in ministering the Gospel to the nations.
      The Getting EquippedTM Series brings together a curriculum that specifically offers insight in the areas of discipleship, equipping, training, evangelism, missions, leadership development and church planting.
      The EGI leadership team and Joe and Jo Hughes have prepared a curriculum that is more than a collection of theory. It supplies the pastor of emerging countries (as well as church leaders worldwide) with tools that he/she can use to equip a generation of believers in the context of a Bible College, Sunday School class, house church or small group. At the end of each lesson, the writers provide points of discussion and application activities (as well as illustrations) in order for the student to integrate the materials in his or her life and ministry.
      Equipped through Basic Beliefs of Christianity” is the first volume of the Getting EquippedTM Series. The focus of this manual is to establish new believers in the basic foundations of the Christian faith. It is also a vital tool for Christian leaders to train and equip church leaders and others in Christian doctrine.

Michael E. Alexander, D. Ministry
President, Evangelism Awareness International

Creencias Basicas de la Cristiandad
(Spanish translation of Basic Beliefs of Christianity)

      Lynn Nancarrow and Linda Winkleman have done a superb job in selecting and communicating the essential truths that a new believer needs. Every lesson in this manual is crucial for a solid spiritual foundation. It is practical, well design, and thorough in its content. I highly recommend it.

David Galvan, Senior Pastor
Primera Iglesia Bautista Nueva Vida,
Garland, Texas

Facilitator’s Guide to the Getting EquippedTM Series

      The cry of the nations in this hour is leadership development! The Facilitor’s Guide, which helps leaders train their people using EGI’s Getting EquippedTM Series, is an answer to this need. By using this training tool, the harvest will be preserved and God’s work sustained for generations to come. No more excuses! Every leader now has the resource to make disciples who will, in turn, make disciples!

Ron Hogue, President and Founder of Nations Training Institute

      This manual is usable and practical. In the hands of someone who possess a small measure of leadership ability; a group of people could readily be trained, producing men and women to extend and establish the kingdom of God upon the earth. Surely this material has been prepared for such a time as this.

Harold L. Reents, Ph. D. Superintendent of Schools, Missionary
and Former Academic Dean – Christ for the Nations

     What a powerful tool you hold in your hands. Just imagine handing this out to hundreds of local leaders … who will then impart these riches of Christ to thousands! With earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and wars on the increase, the Getting EquippedTM Series with the Facilitator’s Guide is definitely for such a time as this.”

Fred Kornis, Executive Director – Heartland International Ministries

Equippers Group International 

“I would like to use this opportunity to commend the great mission work these humble servants of God have undertaken. The Hughes’ teaching has been a blessing to the people of Ukraine and the Embassy of God church in particular. I am also encouraged by what they are doing. As missionaries, they have been an enormous blessing in Southeast Asia. Jo and Joe have embodied a life of humility modesty and total dedication. I am blessed to know them. Also, I am very impressed with the quality of work of their in-depth materials. I heartily recommend EGI for all hungry servants of God everywhere!”  

Pastor Sunday Adelaja, Kiev, Ukraine
Co-Chair of  “Billion Souls Initiative”
Founder of 50,000 member church in 40 nations