We were privileged to meet with Pastor Sunday Adelaja, pastor of the largest church in Europe at a recent conference.  We had previously worked with him in the Ukraine during the 90’s and now had the opportunity to visit with him about the EGI training materials.

Below is a transcript of the video.

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Joe: “We’ve been friends with Pastor Sunday since the 90’s, and have had the privilege of meeting his church and growing doing modular training.”

Pastor Sunday: “Training our people, our leaders…yes….”

Joe: “And we came back in 2000 and we’ve seen just phenomenal growth with his vision for equipping and training all of the people, the diversity of ministry amongst his people.”

Pastor Sunday: “Yes, I just want to say thank you to you and thank you to all of the coordinators and sponsors who helped you develop especially these programs, the training guide and the companion materials that you used to be a blessing to our church in the Ukraine. And not just our church, but a lot of churches as well. And the leaders you trained there are some of our core leaders today. And that is why we value this material so much….”

“And when I heard you were back in America, my passion and concern was would the American church really recognize the gifts of God among them…amidst them…and I feel these materials you developed that came from your years of experience in the foreign mission field would be a blessing to the body of Christ generally, not just in those countries, but in America as well. These materials, I highly recommend them. I will keep on “pushing” your materials to people I know and to high profile pastors in the city, in the country. We will go back and try to get them translated into the Ukrainian…Russian…language and keep on making them available to the leaders and churches of the Russian-speaking world….”

“Thank you for putting the years and effort and energy into producing this. It will outlast you and will outlast us. It’s going to outlast all of us. And it will help the next generation of believers….disciple them….so that the faith will grow continually even after we are gone.”

“Well, we will try our best. I’m sure this will go around the world. It is already in Latin America, it’s coming to Russia, it’s been to Asia and I’m sure it is going to go to Europe and even North America as well.”

“So thank you. It was nice to connect with you right here in Dallas. Thank you…God bless you.”