EGI is a ministry God has raised up in the last days to address the ever-increasing need for materials, training and equipping in the rapidly increasing Body of Christ world wide.  The primary focus is to train national leaders who can then train other national leaders – a “train the trainer” initiative. EGI’s vision is to see leaders with the training and materials so that they can equip and empower every believer to become active in ministry.  People are the greatest resource and power of the local church.

EGI’s training system is designed from 30+ years experience in church planting and cross-cultural living. The focus of the training system is discipleship and leadership training of grass-root national leaders.

The Getting EquippedTM Series is a collection of kingdom-based manuals that enable every believer to mature and become an active participant in spreading the Gospel in the great last days harvest.  They are written in basic, easy to translate, language.  Each manual is translated into the language of the people being discipled, thus making it readily transferable. This results in national leaders being enabled and empowered to train other nationals.  The Getting EquippedTM Series is invaluable for use by pastors in difficult to access nations.

A set of these materials would benefit

            EVERY local church,  EVERY language and EVERY nation!

The Mission

Equippers Group International (EGI) provides user-friendly biblically based training and materials to under resourced parts of the body of Christ. The end result of this training is for God’s people to be fully equipped to live a life pleasing to God and to be able to teach others.

And the things which you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will be qualified to teach others. (2 Timothy 2:2)


“Benefits of EGI’s Training System to your local church.”

  • Promotes unity of existing believers.
  • A Biblically-based training system.
  • Harnesses vision.
  • Equipping the workmen for the harvest.
  • Discipling and maturing of believers.
  • Rapid church growth.
  • Mobile training system – affordable, transferable truths, principles and skills.
  • Measurable growt


Services provided by EGI to help you get started

  • Church growth consultation – Especially helpful for those with little time or budget. God can do great things through one life.
  • Training conferences on “Getting Started with the EGI Series.”
    • Purpose of the church
    • Roles of leaders and believers
    • Vision
    • Church growth
    • Leadership
    • Discipleship
    • Action plan
  • Materials – EGI Series (Order at the “Training Materials” link above.)
  • On-going follow up
  • Translation facilitation in some cases (talk with us)
  • Mission strategy planning


The church seems to be growing fastest in places where believers have little opportunity for formal training. There must be a way to reach these fellow believers and equip them with the tools they so desperately need to grow and multiply.


EGI’s vision is simple and direct: Equip leaders for effective ministry that equips others for multiplication. This vision focuses on these efforts:

  • Provide training in each group’s own language.
  • Provide practical training related to essential elements of Church doctrine and discipline.
  • Provide believers with Biblically-based materials to equip them for the Christian journey and use in equipping others

Partnership Strategy

EGI has four strategies to implement its vision:

  • STRATEGY 1 – Develop relationships with leaders of church networks in target areas.
  • STRATEGY 2 – Strategize with national contacts to determine how EGI can best help believers in their country.
  • STRATEGY 3 – Partner with the leaders, set priorities and develop a plan to bring needed training to that region of the world.
  • STRATEGY 4 – Provide an EGI representative to lead the initial training for pastors and church leaders in “train-the-trainer” sessions to launch the EGI series that will begin the process of mobilization and multiplication of believers.

The Holy Spirit is our greatest Partner and Leader in this effort.